Profile of the company Sihaya

SIHAYA Ltd. is a geophysical company specializing in the geophysical prospection field for engineering geology, hydrogeology, mining and ecology.

We emphasize our high quality of work, scientific standard and level of mobility, at the same time we endeavor to react flexibly on demands of our clients. Our company is one of most traditional in Czech region, our senior geophysicist started to summon his great experience at most important geophysical and engineering geology actions (see attached list of references) since 1969 (ance dam) being an employee of state enterprise Geofyzika Brno. Our company was one of descendants of this state company after the collapse of communist regime in 1989. We are enough economically consolidated, with no liabilities, and scientifically advanced, with our own instrument and software development departments.

We have complete geophysical instruments availability even in several pieces for each method (see

We have developed excellent instruments for DC geoelectrical measurement GEA7 (VES, VES-IP, ERT with up to 100 electrodes array) and SEISMUT6 for seismic small-scale measurements, enabling recording of reflection and refraction seismic P- and S-waves using 50 to 150 channels with impact/hammer seismic energy sources.

Our professional skills are useful especially in the field of hydrogeology (water prospection, ways of contaminated water, well logging) and engineering geology for water works, engineering geology, mining and ecological tasks.

SIHAYA Ltd. was established in 1992. From the very beginning our major activity was geological prospection with the use of geophysical methods for civil engineering, hydrogeology and ecology. Development of geophysical instruments represents our subsidiary program.
Geotechnical parameters of quasihomogenous blocks of rocks (determined by geophysical methods) are found out by means of laboratory tests on samples acquired from drill holes or by penetration tests.
Typical sequence of measurement:

  1. Effective geophysical methods are applied on the whole locality surface and anomalies of measured fields are localized
  2. Geophysical sounding is applied on characteristic profiles led through surface anomalies and crucial places of interest (founding soil..). The result of sounding geophysics is a geological/geophysical cross sections with outlined physically quasihomogenous blocks.
  3. Geotechnical and lithological properties of quasihomogenous blocks are obtained by means of laboratory tests on samples acquired from drill holes or penetration tests or by drill logging measurement in the sectioncharacteristic points.

We put a special accent on the quality of measurement and interpretation of the acquired data. Geophysical interpretation is verified by direct task calculation. The whole result of the geophysical part of prospection is verified (where possible) also by drilling or penetration soundings.

Our team leading experts: RNDr. Viktor Valtr CSc. senior

Our Senior Geophysicist and Engineering geologist RNDr. Viktor Valtr CSc. has experience from worldwide projects such as water resources prospection in Africa, dam foundation geophysics in Cuba and India.

Geophysicist and company manager Mgr. Viktor Valtr junior has 27years long experience with geophysical researches for all purposes in various countries, besides Czech Republic also in Mongolia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Slovakia, Scotland, Rumania. Mgr. Viktor Valtr junior

Other members of team