An example of determination of seismic dynamic parameters of rocks:

result of HYDROCRACKER UNIT  dynamic parametres of subsoil prospection - Click for zoom up

Currently, the construction of the HYDROCRACKER COMPLEX unit is being prepared in the area of a refinery in Croatia. As a part of the preparation work and planning, our company was asked to implement the geo-physical survey below the most important objects using the profiles (sections) specified by the client. The survey is focused on: - determining the depth of the surface of a harder rock bed - localizing the sink holes, cavities and other karst formations and other weakened sites - identifying dynamic characteristics of the basement soil in order to propose the reactor foundation using ground penetrating radar (GPR - usually with join interpretation with SRS) and shallow refraction seismic (SRS). The result of SRS measurement of S and P-waves is this cross section right:

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There is an another example of a geological-geophysical section (throught the subsoil of planned industrial vibrating block) with marked dynamic elastic parameters (by results of SRS and downhole seismic measurement) in geophysically determined quasihomogenous blocks of rock.

3D example of a prospection of a building site :

An example of geological-geophysical 3D view..

On this geological-geophysical 3D view there is verified the structure of subsoil and its geotechnical attributes by one drill hole and one SPT