An example of very deep aquifer prospection for high quality drinking water resources or in arid ares with deep underground water levels

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Geological-geophysical sections up to depth of 350 m according to reflection seismics (depth section on the left figure), VES-IP (apparent polarizability section is under the middle section illustration), VES (resistivity section according VES is in right picture), also with results of SRS and VLF methods. Those results anabled to situate the hydrogeological exploratory drill hole to the point with highest probability of hitting the tectonic fault aquifer deeper then 150 m..

Photodocumentation of similar prospections

Geofyzika může mít praktický význam i pro napojení velblouda
  • waterprospection in Mongolsku in 2003 - 2005
  • geophysical expedition to Ethiopia 2015> - prospection of deep water aquifers in african rift valley.