Dynamic properties by geophysicsu Geofyzika pro geologické mapování DP-dynamic penetration

Our services are useful mainly for solving of the following ranges of problems:

engineering geology and geophysics for foundation of constructions, reconstruction of statically damaged buildings:

prospection of construction subsoil corrosivity (bridges, line constructions with reinforced concrete components):

geophysics for excavations, rock workability in communications rock cuttings:

geophysics for landslides (rehabilitation of landslide sites):

hydrogeology and geophysics for hydrogeology and geology, water resources and geothermal energy resources prospections:

geophysics for ecology, hydrogeology, mining, speleology, archeology, pond management .. :

optimal traces of microtunelling

vibration, quakes, earth shocks monitoring:

consultation activities, courses for students:

Localization of cave systems via reflection seismics